Wednesday, February 06, 2008

40 Days for Life

Last night I had the privilege and honor of speaking at the kick off rally for the Forty Days For Life.

This is the second year that the abortion facility in Bremerton will be blanketed in prayer for forty days. Last year, there were two Forty Days for Life going on simultaneously - one here and one in South Carolina. This year there are 59 other vigils being held simultaneously. By the end of the Lenten Season, over 155 Forty Days for Life vigils will have been held through this wonderful country of ours.

I spoke about our recent Hike4Life to the group, and recounting that hike was wonderful because we had such a good time on the hike. I told the gathered group that I had one great concern and that is that America is brain dead when it comes to people protesting against such a grave evil right here in front of them. I told them about the man at the abortion facility in Seattle whose child had just been aborted - for financial gain. No more, no less.

I was speaking to the choir - and this choir is stalwart in their opposition to the evils of abortion and their support for life. They have been in this fight since the beginning - me; I am a late-comer.

I thanked them for standing in front of the abortion facility - they are honoring the life of my son. I take this personally - they truly believe that my child's life is worth their love and sacrifice. I am so humbled by their dedication to life. I am humbled by their prayers, their withstanding the elements, their withstanding the ridicule of those who think they are wasting their time; their standing up for what is right in the eyes of God. These people who have not been personally touched by abortion save that God has called them to be a great witness for Him. They are giving up their comfort to do the least for their brothers and sisters.

I am overwhelmed and in awe of them.

These wonderful pro-life people, self sacrificing, praying and doing penance for little ones they do not know and will never know until they too are called home.

Thank you, dear defenders of life. Thank you from Matthew and me.

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