Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thoughts whilst cleaning

So, I am scrubbing the tub, waiting for the toilet to soak in the Ajax to make my scrubbing there easier and wondering where to turn next . . . The kitchen is a mess, the carpet is in dire need of spot cleaning, the whole place is in major bachelor-dom.

The thought hits me - I am like this apartment when I am in sin...God, however, figures out which part of my sinfulness to call my attention to first and how He will reveal my sinfulness to me - through a friend, perhaps, or self realization - and then the next sin, and the next. An examination of conscience is my way of cleaning out my sinfulness...

I am here, Lord, waiting to be cleaned up, too. Thank you for seeing the big picture and not being like me, confused and impatient with my cleaning job.

I so love you!!!

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butch said...

That is a beautiful way of looking at things. Cleansing of the soul; wow, a new way of looking at an old problem ... and understanding what our Holy Mother, the Church has been teaching us for years.
Merci, ma cherie. Cajun Sissy