Thursday, January 17, 2008

On the road again

Father Frank Pavone - Priests for Life Founder

The car has been detailed - Lord protect anyone that messes it up! (j/k)

I have several things I need to take on Saturday morning, and many of them are bulky - as in down jackets and rain pants to keep us warm and dry. Our Lady of Guadalupe is providing a forecast of mainly dry but cold weather. The rain pants are lined and will keep a person quite warm. I have three pair and I am calling dibs on one - I don't mind sacrificing if that sacrifice includes staying warm and dry. So - does it count?

We will be attending Mass daily during the Hike4Life. I have borrowed a pair of Jordon's (well, two of them) black pants to wear during the hike because my jeans no longer fit me and I cannot see me wearing jeans to Mass...just don't like to do it.

When I get back from the Hike4Life, I am going to stay on program so that my jeans will once again fit me - the good news is that Jordon's pants are not as bulky and therefore easier to pack!

I had a terrric sleep last night - awaking around six a.m., which is what I am training myself to do - so that I will be alert and raring to go on our early hiking mornings.

Please pray for the unborn - and please, please pray that ALL Christians wake up and start demanding that we quit killing our young. The indifference is deafening!!!


Leslie K. said...

You are my hero!

butch said...

You are sooooooooo right, ma cherie; there is nothing so loud and apathy when this killing continues. Praying, praying ... and hope you and Gabe keep warm.