Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lord, s-l-o-w me down

So, we are going on this Hike4Life...a very exciting, first annual, and prayerfully last annual hike that we will be making because next year this time, I pray that God will remove the desire from the hearts of the mothers and fathers to kill their unborn children.

I am packing - getting things put together to take to J's apartment. He is a bachelor, so therefore, the things that I need for creature comfort are not things that he necessarily has.

I am packing food for we will be there for two nights and two mornings. I am packing air mattresses, pillows, towels, sleeping bags, extra clothing,coffee, cleaning supplies (yes, part of the deal is that I will clean his place - that is my demand, not his request!) my suitcase with my clothes - have I forgotten anything????

I have so far, dropped and shattered a brand new jar, unopened, until the fall, of jam. I have dropped an egg down the side of the stove and onto the floor -

Lord, I want to be your willing servant - but I know you need to slow me down so that I stop messing up!!!

Lord, Hear My Prayer -


butch said...

Hope you have ... not only slowed down ... but got a good night's sleep since writing that. You push yourself toooo much, but I know ... when I was your age, every thing had to be perfect and way before needing to go out the door. Soooooooo get some sleep tonight. That's an order ;-) please (-; xxxxoooo

Julie said...

Oh, how I can relate to that! The most difficult command in the Bible for me is, "Be STILL and know that I am God."