Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hair Angst...

So this morning I decided to get my hair cut SHORT!!! I waffled all day long until I went into the man that does a brilliant job with my hair.

I told him - I am tired of the blow dyers, the curling iron, the massive length of time it takes me to look like me. Can you cut it so that it is real short and I will not have to mess with it.

Well, my dear Roger said he could ... and he did!!!

Right after he said it, I relaxed and left myself to dream of easier days with my shorter hair.

Ah - if only I could learn to trust God with such ease...I know there is a lesson in this . . .


butch said...

Yippppeeee! We can comment on your blog; and thanks to you, I know how to add pictures. GOD is good; in even small things. Well, because he gave us a mind that can learn. I am guessing ... that is Gabe with you. Two beautiful smiles. DIEU TE BENISSE!!
Cajun Sissy Macile

Mary E. said...

Great hair cut darling!
Look at that sweet boy with you.
Love you both!

chimakuni said...

Yes, it is Gabe - - thank you for the compliment, Miss Mary E.

It is so much easier to get ready for the day.

Blessings on you both -