Monday, January 28, 2008

Phone calls

The phone rang - on it was a message "While you were out this message was recorded for you. Hi! This is .... Joe* at Such and Such Ford. You have not been in for maintenance for a long time and our records show that you are over due for an oil change."

I tried to recall when I had been out...let me see, Saturday evening for Mass and then home for the last many hours. Then I tried to figure out what Ford vehicle Joe was talking about. Our driveway has a Honda and a Toyota residing in it. Finally, I tried to figure out where Such and Such Ford was as I as not familiar with the dealership's name.

I called the Such and Such Ford dealership and found out that they are located in Moses Lake. Well, now that is about five hours from us. Then I told them that we no longer owned a Ford - we sold the last one about three years ago and gee - that one is probably in some junk yard somewhere and all the maintenance in the world will not help it.

We had never used the services of Such and Such Ford dealership. The woman with whom I was speaking asked me for our phone number and said she would remove it from their calling list.

Whew - -

Perhaps we ought to have God call us once in awhile and remind us that we too, need maintenance. Yes, I know it is long distance, but our lives are His and we can always use a good tune up!

God Bless

*Joe - a name to protect the innocent!


butch said...

Yeah, right; take you off the calling list. We ask that over and over ... and even though there is a mistake of us even being on it ... they call again. Maybe we could ask GOD to do some maintance on their computer files. ;-)
The new pictures are grrreeeaattt; was cold, huh???

chimakuni said...

It was in the low 30's but strangely enough, by day four, I was HOT! The temps did not go up but I think I toughened up.

You can always go to "Do Not Call" list on your computer and place your phone number on it and you will be surprised at how few calls you will get.

Bless you!