Sunday, January 27, 2008

Keep your rosaries off my ovaries!!!

The familiar chant of the pro-abort crowd. They do not want to be told what to do - even if it is a matter of saving the life of a newly created child. They are smarter, they are wiser, they are more compassionate and no one, not one person, especially a person who fears God is going to tell them what to do.

They want the government to let them have the privilege of destroying God given life. The pro-abort crowd is scared that their 35 year run of being able to destroy life in its earliest stages may come to an end. Pray God that it will.

They say that the government should not be able to tell them what to do, either!

I would challenge them ... do they wear a seat belt? And if they do, why? That is government controlled. Do they pay taxes? That is also controlled by the government. Do their killing facilities accept money from the government? Ah yes - they want to do what they want to do - just like a three year old who holds his hands over his ears and refuses to listen.

What would they hear if they listened? I pray that one day, the talk would be between and not at the opposition to life. We pro-lifer's need to learn to listen and to find the archilles heel in the pro-aborts armor.

We need to engage them lovingly and carefully for a pro-abort is usually a pro-abort because they have taken part in an abortion, either by recommending one, coercing one or having had one. To talk at a hurting person will not help that hurting person. To talk with that person, listening, loving and being Christ to that person may bring them to accept the truth that God loves them and forgives them.


Leslie K. said...

Let me tell you about Matthew's mom - she is courageous. I am the mother of John, Mark Paul and Rose. I am courageous too. You want to know why we are courageous? Because we have the guts to go against the grain and say, "I regret my abortions".

butch said...

And I love knowing you two brave women, who stands up for the unborn over and over.

GrannyGrump said...

Actually, the biggest beef I have with that stupid slogan is that it's not the Catholics or the prolifers who are obsessed with women's ovaries. That's the turf of Planned Parenthood. PP can't abide the idea of women brazenly parading about with functioning ovaries, and want everybody's ovaries interfered with via pills, patches, shots, and anything else they can think of.

The Catholics (and a lot of the prolifers) plug NFP, which respects the woman's body with its functioning ovaries, and lets her decide how she wants to stack the deck -- in favor of conceiving or not.

How is it, then, that WE get branded as the ovary-obsessed?