Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Purchasing power

I have been hankering to purchase a suitcase - not just any suitcase but a very specific one. I have looked for six months, or is that seven, for this particular suitcase at the discount stores where I normally purchase such items. I mean, if you can purchase something for nearly 85 % off - why buy retail?

Today I did my cursory checking of the discount stores and ended up at a large department store where outrageous prices are standard. One of the sales clerks came over to help me. I told her what I was looking for and before too long, both she and I were on the floor, unzipping and zipping suitcases and discussing their merits.

She looked at my Silent No More Awareness pin and said it was a pretty butterfly and asked me if it had any significance.

"Oh yes, I am a public speaker for Silent No More Awareness. We are a group of people who are willing to talk about a very hush-hush issue - abortion, and how it injures men and women."

"I also help on retreats for post abortive men and women. Our retreats are called 'Rachel's Vineyard' and we are open to any one who has had an abortion or an abortion experience."

We talked - she and I discussed not only the merits of the suitcases - indeed, they were rather forgotten as she said how she did not like the judgmental pictures of aborted babies - and I replied that those photos, while hard to look at, were indeed what happens to a baby during an abortion, and we talked some more.

I decided on one of the suitcases, and she very nicely gave me the discount that will kick during tomorrow's sale; and we moved to the counter where she rang it up. She told me that her mother had been Catholic - but that she herself does not attend any church.

I told her that we needed her back in Church and that she was always welcome to come.

Yes, the suitcase cost me more - and I may or may not find one just like it at the discount store in the weeks to come - but you know what?

I AM GLAD! I am glad that I was able to talk with the store clerk and to invite her back home to Rome and I am glad that I was able to give her one of the "I regret my abortion" cards and that she took it.* She may need it for a friend - one never knows.

We were purchased at a great price - so who am I to complain about the cost of a silly suitcase?

*note to ME - send more!!!


butch said...

I love the way you always get out 'the Word' in all things that you do during the day. And ... we never know, do we, whom we are helping with just a smile and a kind word. Sissy and I wear a pink ribbon pin ... and it often opens doors. GOD BLESS YOU, MA CHERIE. XXXOOO Cajun Sissy

chimakuni said...

Wonderful that you wear the pink ribbon.

It is important for you and all readers to know that the Susan G Komen foundation is a heavy contributor to Planned Parenthood.

It is also important for all to know that first trimester abortions in young mothers under the age of eighteen causes a huge rise in the likelihood of breast cancer later on in life.

You may check out these resources - all documented - on the link After Abortion for more information.

God Bless