Sunday, January 13, 2008

Perfect Love

casts out fear . . .

I did not sleep well last night - I was worried about how I will come across today at the pro-life fund raiser that I am speaking at.

Writing that, I realize how ludicrous that statement is. How I (ME!) will come across today.

The talk is not about me - it is about God's love and mercy. I have felt His Love and His Mercy - I am so familiar with His Providence, so why am I fearful?

The human side of me wants to be able to show off for God. . .I am so fearful of not being a good enough cheerleader for God's love and mercy.

Even though I am talking to a pro-life group, I have a pretty good knowledge that some of the men and women who will be there are also post abortive and my desire is not to chase them away, but to encourage them to also experience God's Perfect Love which casts out all fear.

Lord, make me little...

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