Monday, January 14, 2008

Thank you, Holy Spirit!!!

Thank you Holy Spirit for helping me with my talk last night! It was, as my husband, my biggest critic said "great!"

Not that I can take any credit for the greatness of the speech - in fact, I can take none. I prayed that God would make me little and He DID!!!!

The youth of the parish at Queen of Angels are so sweet and so exhuberant. Their leader, Barbara Townsend is a loving, no nonsense woman who keeps the kids hopping! Sue, who was doing kitchen duty, helped the youth produce a beautiful dinner - French Onion Soup, salad, half a Cornish Game Hen, fried potatoes, spiced green beans and tomatoes, carrots that were to die for and cheesecake.

They served this dinner with smiles on their faces, attentive to everyone's needs and desires - no chore was too small or too big for them. They were happy to be servants.

The youth are our future - and looking at these beautiful young men and women, I reckon that the future of the Catholic Church in Port Angeles, Washington, is going to be great.

Please pray for them as they engage the culture and travel to Washington D.C. next week for the March for Life and later on to Australia for World Youth Day.

Please pray for one beautiful woman in particular - she is not Catholic - YET!

Thank you Holy Spirit . . . for letting me let go of my fears and letting YOU take over.

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butch said...

HOORAY for GOD and you!!! If you reported this on stjames .. I missed it ... so will send.
Had to be an awesome experience; and how great that we have some young folks to carry on.
Do you remember asking for prayers for a certain middle school and their newsletter report on a meeting to come?
I am still praying that to St. Maria Goretti every night and added all the young folks of the world with that mind set.
These young folks at Queen of Angels are certainly not in that group. HOOOOOORRRRRAAAAYYYY for GOD and their parents and teachers. DIEU TE BENISSE!
Cajun Sissy