Friday, January 25, 2008

March for Life

Day IV - we gathered at St. Michael's Church in Olympia and went into the chapel where they have the Blessed Sacrament exposed. We prayed our morning prayer and then walked down to the abortion facility. We prayed...

The day was beautiful - sunny and surprisingly warm - or was it that I had just become used to the cold?

After our prayers, we hiked back up to the church and attended Mass. The church was packed. We sat together as we had an eleven a.m. deadlline to catch a shuttle, courtesy of "Show the Truth". We had to leave before receiving the Eucharist, and that departure was a great sacrifice on all of our hearts.

We went to two legislator's offices. We were able to speak to Tim Sheldon and he, being the consumate politician, did not tip his hat one way or another regarding life. He is a Democrat and he does not show up at the March for Life...maybe next year.

The second politican had left her office, but her secretary asked if we wanted to leave her a message.

We did . . . so I began by telling her I am 37 years post abortive and I regret my abortion. She asked if there was some bill we wanted the legislator to vote on. No, there was none that we were aware of we said, but all bills do impact life. Then I held out my hand and showed her a replica of a twelve week old baby.

She averted her eyes and put her head down and said "I will not look at that - you need to leave."

Biology 101 and yet and yet.

I pray God she is not post abortive - if she is, I pray God I did no harm.

There is help through Rachel's Vineyard Healing Ministry and through Project Rachel.

It is too difficult to look at abortion and know, know that it is actually the taking of human life.

Lord we pray for all those who are post abortive, for their healing, for their acknowledgement of their humanness.

Lord, Hear Our Prayer


Mary E. said...

Can you please tell us the name of the other politician you visited, who was not in her office.

chimakuni said...

Yes, your wish is my command!

Kathy Haigh. Please pray for her and her staff.