Thursday, January 24, 2008

Back to Front

Day III - we met nice and early at Saints Peter and Paul Church in Tacoma in order to attend the 8 a.m. Mass. No one arrived so thanks be to new technology, Glenn was able to 'dial in' something in his car and somehow, he found out that there was a Mass at another Church not too far away. So, we drove over to this other Church and we were warmly welcomed by the pastor and the people. We attended the nine a.m. Mass and then realized...

A change of plans. We had planned on ending up in this area of Tacoma last, but we were here first, so we went to the last facility first and changed our routing.

We had the police called on us. They were very polite, professional and told us that we were exercising our constitutional rights and the last time they checked, it was still America. With that they wished us a farewell and drove off.

We went to our next destination and walked not too far, prayed in front of the abortion facility. It was closed in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I am sure that the good doctor would have been happy to know that no abortions were being performed on the celebration of his birth.

Our final destination was a bit longer of a hike and it was a good end to a good day. Any day that starts with Mass is a good day!

We split up again for the night, and Suzan, the organizer of the hike and I went to a home that had been graciously opened to us.

Ed and Dani welcomed us with open hearts and arms - they run Show the Truth Washington and are fantastic pro-life people. They have a truck and they drive around to show the truth of abortion - One Dead, One Wounded.

Ed has been arrested several times and regaled us with his tales of imprisonment. He is a character. They have opened their home to women in crisis due to a pregnancy and have been loving witnesses to the Gospel of Life.

I wanna grow up to be like them!

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