Thursday, January 24, 2008

Day II . . . Sunday, January 20

Arriving at Saint Stephen the Martyr Church in Renton, our group assembled once again and went into Mass. How glorious to be able to worship in freedom and to receive The Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Precious Lord in the Eucharist.

After Mass Father Ed White, told us he would try to come down and pray with us at the Cedar River abortion facility. He is a regular there - praying for the lives of the women, men and the unborn.

We had permission to park at the Gurdwara Singh Sabha Temple, a Sikh temple down the street from the abortion facility. As we parked our vehicles and gathered our coats, hats, gloves, signs,Our Lady of Guadalupe and the crucifix to walk, several Sikh's came up to us and invited us in for tea. We thanked them and told them we needed to move along, but would come back and enjoy their gracious hospitality.

We walked down to the abortion facility and prayed. On our way back up, Father Ed White was walking towards us and apologized for being late - he was caught up in his parishioner's needs. We told him about the hospitality offer from the Sikhs and he wholeheartedly said that we must take them up on the offer.

We returned to the temple and were invited in. We took off our shoes and made sure our heads were covered. There were about one hundred people, some in the kitchen, some in the hall, either cooking, eating or enjoying one another's company.

We washed our hands and ate. WHAT A MEAL!!! The food was delicious - I, who love Indian food was in heaven.

Our hosts then asked us if we would please let them share their religion with us. We were delighted that they would take time out of their day to tell us about the way they worship.

We had already recognized that hospitality ranked high on their way of life.

We learned that they believe in the "Oneness of God". They do not recognize Jesus as God, but they embrace all religions and as our teacher told us, if he learns about another faith, and he likes what he hears, then perhaps he would become that faith. It is a young religion, just about 500 years old.

After our lesson, we drove to another park, this time in Kent, and then walked straight up a hill which seemed to last forever...just as we passed a school and a day care, there was another abortion mill.

We prayed...

Our last abortion mill stop of the day was in Federal Way. It is close to our son's apartment and I pray that he will never enter that facility. I pray that no one will ever enter a Planned "Parent"hood facility ever again.

We prayed. . .

We were grateful for the hospitality given to us by the Sikhs, the beautiful sunny day after the previous day of rain and most of all grateful for God's mercy and love.

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