Monday, January 11, 2010

In response to my last post, a reader asked ...

I'm wondering if the Susan G Komen foundation will put out another statement concerning the breast cancer/abortion link.

I realize this was issued last March.

My answer:

Wouldn't that be "loverly?"

I do not think that this foundation has much interest in the truth...why do I write that? Because there is way too much money coming into them and if they were to tell people that there is a real concern that abortions and birth control are causing breast cancer AND if women stopped having abortions and stopped taking oral contraceptives, then the money would dry up.

Call me cynical, yes. I am a cynic when it comes to huge organizations that make their money off of other's tragedies. It is easy to get people riled up emotionally because of the death of a loved one and have them raise money for you...where DOES that money go?

Why hasn't the foundation accepted the latest breast cancer research no matter how small the connection might be? This research has been available for at least ten years now.

Here, I quote the article ... "we are assured that Planned Parenthood uses
these funds only for breast health education, screening and treatment programs"

That statement is akin to me saying 'Oh yes, I give to the Animal Cruelty Shelters but my money only goes to feed the dogs, not the cats...and none of the technicians that help the dogs help the cats...and oh yes, we make sure that ...'

Do you see any logic in that? Two Catholic ethicists have decided that the above scenario is just fine. The whole of Planned Deathhood is evil - the ideology behind it is evil and one is not permitted to cooperate with evil. Drs. Hamel and Panicola do not speak for the Church. They have their own private opinions, and to that they are entitled. Using them as the authority of the Catholic Church is wrong.

Don't hold your breath, friend - and thank you for posting! We can and always must don't give that up!!!

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