Monday, January 04, 2010

Defending Planned Deathhood -

Below is an email conversation with a woman (her profession is a nurse, I found out) regarding planned deathhood. I have written in bold.

Well, I have to give your comment some thought. Abortions is not the only service that planned parenthood offers. This is true - they also provide sex education in the government run schools. They also offer counseling and other functions for the poor. What counseling do they offer the poor? What functions? You have to pay for service anywhere. Well, now, those on medical coupons cannot use them at planned parenthood, Susan. They have to pay for these services, i.e. birth control and counseling on a sliding scale. A pregnancy test cost $5.00 at planned parenthood. What they charge is not what would be charged elsewhere. The men and women who use their services have to pay cash - or credit card - planned parenthood does not take checks. The abortion issue is another subject and I don't believe that a service that is provided for the poor should be eliminated because of the abortion issue. What we are looking at here is a woman's right to choose - to kill her baby - what happens to her own body = no, it is not her body that she kills, it is a separate human being with its own dna and blood type.and not have that dictated to her by the government. I am not saying I am for abortion. I am not. how is it that you are not? But I am for the woman's right to choose.- to chose what? To kill her baby, according to you. In this thinking, I am not for drunk driving, but I think a woman should be able to drive while drunk...because it is her body. Women fought for their rights for too many years.what is right about killing her baby? If we take one right away, how long will it be before another right is eroded away? what about the right of the innocent female baby that is killed by abortion?Perhaps the education that can be given at planned parenthood has saved one child from having its life terminated or better yet, provided the necessary tools for a woman to not become pregnant in the first place if she does not want to be. Susan - the whole premises of planned parenthood is to rid the world of the undesirable. The founder of planned parenthood, Margaret Sanger did not think that the poor should have children and blacks and Jews should definitely not have children. She was, in part, a model for Hitler. Currently, one out of every two African American children are dismembered by abortion. One out of four children is killed by abortion. In Judaism we have a saying, "Save one life, you save the world". Well, then planned parenthood is at odds with the beautiful Jewish faith. For they kill life - they have nothing to do with birthing of human beings, but they have a lot to do with the dismembering of innocent humans. The other thing I believe we have to be careful of in this country is not to impose our belief systems on to others who feel differently than we do. If you follow this, then it is not within the lawmakers rights nor duties to have laws against drunk driving or wearing helmets when riding a motorcycle, and yet we have laws concerning those. That is why our forefathers thought it important to allow everyone to worship as they see fit. Yes, you are correct - the government may not tell us how to worship, but this has nothing to do with the right to life for an innocent babe in the womb. Science shows us that a baby of 21 days gestation has a heart beat. This is not religion, it is science. Even as I tell you I am not for abortion, there are times when it is warranted. Especially if it is to save the life of the mother. Please tell me one case when it is imperative for a woman to kill her child so that she may live. It still kills an innocent human being. But there again, the mother should have the right to choose -to kill her baby - if she wants to take that option. If Roe vs Wade were reversed we would just go back to the back alley abortions that killed thousands of women in the you know that the numbers that were quoted in the Supreme Case were not true? They were inflated by thousands. You may wish to check out the author, and one of the founders of NARAL, Dr. Bernard Nathanson's story. In my previous practice what practice is this? I saw too many women who did not have the options for adequate education in regards to pregnancy, nutrition education, prenatal care, etc. - so, you, like Margaret Sanger (in her own words), agree that those who are uneducated should not have children - what would you say to a mother in India, Afghanistan, Equitorial Guinea? Should they not have children>Perhaps one area that might help is to break the welfare cycle and educate the poor (via school) you should look at TeenWire, which is planned parenthood's website for teens - it teaches them that multiple partners are okay - it teaches them about "fisting" and other sexual practices. so they stand a better chance of making a decent wage. So - you think that if a woman has a baby, she will automatically not be able to make a decent wage? Tell that to my friend who just graduated from the U of W with honors who is raising her son, now four, as a single mother. She is making a decent living AND refused to have the abortion the doctors tried to push on her. They need to make it less attractive to stay on welfare. I agree that welfare screening should be re-looked at - but please, there is little that is attractive about it.There is a time and place for everything. a time to kill a child when a woman is poor, uneducated or ????

Getting on to education - she laments that the cost of education is going higher...

This will make the rich richer, the poor poorer, and the middle class just another name for poor. Just a thought.If I am rich, that does not make another person poor - and on the same hand, if I am poor, that does not make you rich. This country has many resources. Killing of innocent human beings does not make us a good country - it simply makes us a morally corrupt country. And, the deliberate dismembering of a human being is not moral. No spin on is a short you tube, called Silent Scream that you may be interested in watching -


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