Monday, November 23, 2009

A good shepherd

I am so impressed with Bishop Tobin. He has banned this Kennedy from partaking in communion not because the Church does not like Kennedy - but because Kennedy does not profess all that the Church teaches and holds true. Kennedy, can at any time, repent from his abortion promoting stance and be once again in full communion with Holy Mother Church after attending the sacrament of Reconciliation. I am in prayer for Patrick to do exactly that.

Now - for those of you who are not Catholic - please know that this does not mean that Kennedy is no longer Catholic. Please note too, that Kennedy and not the Church makes decisions for Kennedy's faith life. He may attend Mass (anyone is welcome) and he will receive graces from attending Mass. A Roman Catholic does NOT have to receive communion. A Roman Catholic is called to attend the sacrament of reconciliation once a year and to be in a state of grace so that they may receive communion.

As a Roman Catholic, it is my obligation to attend Mass on Sundays (or the Saturday vigil) and all holy days as well as frequent the sacrament of reconciliation. If Kennedy is doing that, kudos to him. I pray that he is.

Note in this article , that is was not Bishop Tobin who brought this issue to the public, it was none other than Patrick Kennedy. Perhaps he thinks he will influence the Church by taking this issue to the press, but unlike politics, the Church is not swayed by public opinion...thank God.

Please join me in praying for Patrick Kennedy, that he may be once again totally united with the Church.

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