Friday, October 02, 2009

I got to thinking the other day - -

as I was standing outside Planned Deathhood in East Bremerton . . .

I watched men next to their cars; smoking, talking, comparing fishing rods and even tending to a baby at one point. I watched as other men escorted women into the death mill and then walk out again, by themselves. I watched as the men drove off and came back later to pick up the women after the women had aborted their child and I got to thinking ...

In the mid to late 1970s, it became the norm for men to come into the birthing room with their wives or girlfriends to witness the birth of their child. The medical community was slow to come on board with this idea, but now, most often, men attend the birth of their children.

What if men went into the abortion room with their wives or girlfriends? What if they stood there and witnessed the very painful dilation of the woman's cervix and the suction of their child out of the woman?

Just wondering - and thinking - would a man be less likely to want his wife or girlfriend to go through the abortion or would he still want her to go through the abortion?

After all, a child who is aborted is born and dies the same day and that, my readers, is not something that we celebrate. I wonder if that is why the men stand outside and smoke, talk, compare fishing rods and ...

Just wondering -

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