Friday, August 28, 2009

it's here!!!

I was always so proud (okay, I know pride is a sin) but I was proud of the fact that I lived in the United States, a country that had freedom of speech and press and worship.

However, our press has become more and more biased, more left leaning and now the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) and National Broadcasting Company (NBC)are refusing to air advertisements from groups that oppose the proposed National Health Care Bill.

WHAT? One of the great things about a democracy was that we were able to discuss and to work towards the common good, but when the two largest television stations refuse to air an opposing view, you have to ask yourself what their agenda is.

The media used to be a place to get information. Now it seems, sadly, that we are being held hostage to them...that is if you still rely on NBC, PBS and ABC to hear the news.

Read here for more information

Be very careful Americans . . .

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