Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's a fetus!

"it's a fetus, not a baby" exclaimed the young man who was passing by our pro-life booth. I told him he was correct, it was a photo of a fetus. I asked him if he knew what fetus meant. He reckoned that he had no idea, but he was certain that the photo of the unborn baby was not a baby, but a fetus.

So - I told him that the word, fetus is a Latin word meaning little one. His response was ... "but it is still a fetus not a baby."

Hmmm....okay - this fetus is a little one but not a baby. I asked him if he what his views were on abortion and he said that he was pro-choice...and as usual, when a person says that, I finish their unfinished statement - "to kill a fetus."

Now the poor man was a little confused. He said that it was a fetus...but not a baby (again) and to that I replied, but the fetus is alive, has had a heart beat since about day 21 and is indeed a human being.

A young woman from our parish walked by ... she is five months pregnant with her second baby. She stopped and was listening to our conversation and I asked her if the baby was currently moving or kicking around...she said that her baby was not, but that she had first felt him kick fifteen weeks after conception.

I asked the young man if it was okay for this woman to kill her baby. He said that since she was the mother, it was up to her to do what she wanted to do with the baby. I asked him if he thought the mother was a judge - since usually those types of decisions are done after having weighed a case against a person in a court of law. He said he did not know if she was a judge, and I assured him that she was indeed, not a judge, but she was the mother of this baby that was within her womb.

I then asked him if he thought that her husband should have a say in whether or not the baby should be killed - the young man did not have an answer for that - so I informed him that if he was the father of a child, he would have no say in whether that baby would live or die - that it would be totally up to the mother of the child to decide the baby's fate.

I asked him what a father generally did and he replied that a father provided for his family. I asked him if a father's role was also to protect his family and he replied in the affirmative. I then asked him how a father could protect his off spring if it was up to one woman to decide whether or not the baby lived.

I then saw the mother's 13 months old baby girl being held in her grandmother's arms and I asked the young man if it would be okay if the mother killed the little girl. He looked shocked and said "NO!"

Why not?

And that dear readers is where the mind set of the pro-abortion person and the pro-life person really differ - the pro-abortion person errs on the side of one human being. The pro-life person errs on the side of both mother and child.

Now, if this man's logic was sound, he would have said, of course the mother should be able to kill her thirteen months old baby girl - because "she is the mother".

But, pro-abortion logic is never is always flawed.

The young man told me he saw what I was saying - that he got it. I pray that he did...and that he will think our conversation through and come to his own conclusion that abortion does indeed kill a little one (fetus) and that a rose by any other name is still a rose ...

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Leslie K. said...

you did such a good job. thank you, Sissy!