Sunday, July 12, 2009

May God rest your soul, Uncle Frank

My cousin called this evening. He called to tell me that his father had passed away around five thirty p.m. While talking with Dave I recalled the bigger than life man that Frank was - he was the 'hip' uncle, he was the uncle that drove a convertible sports car, he was the uncle that wore the latest fashions and the uncle that would never be uncool...

Frank, like all of us, was mortal. Fourteen years ago, he suffered a serious stroke which left him unable to swallow. He was fed by a feeding tube for all of those years, but he still never missed a beat in his larger than life persona.

Several years ago we visited with Frank and the family - although he was frail, he still soldiered on and zipped here and there, still showing us places that our sons might like to see in his area.

Tonight, Frank has seen the face of God - a God he did not believe in. A God he often mocked. He did not like religion, Frank did not - but God loved Frank just the same.

Tonight, as we were saying grace before our meal, we added the "May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace" - I believe those words may have been meant for Uncle Frank in a special way. The timing of our prayers and the passing of Uncle Frank were at the same time.

Frank was two weeks away from his 90th birthday.

Good night, Frank - Good night.


Leslie K. said...

He sounds fabulous...may he rest in peace.

chimakuni said...

He was - scoundrel, too.

I am praying that I can get an enhanced driver's license to be able to go up to his memorial which will be sometime this week - or next . . .

Christine Trollinger said...

May Frank recieve and accept the "Mercy and Love of God."