Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Chinese government is worried...

and why? Because they are...underpopulated! Yes, folks you read it here - and you can read more about it here, and why the Chinese government is encouraging those who have no siblings to have a second child.

Rather ironically, not too many couples who qualify are taking the government up on this encouragement to have more than one child.

On a very sad note, more and more single women in China are having abortions, 13 million a year on top of the ten million abortion pills are prescribed every year.

This from a nation that in 1977, when I visited, had the official party line of "no, we do not have any handicapped children." ... so you may want to read their statistics of abortion pill numbers and the numbers of surgical abortions with a grain of salt.

The sad part is that children are still being killed by the millions in China.

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