Friday, June 05, 2009

Eradicating sexual crimes against children

The court case that I sat on was a difficult one. The allegation was that a 27 year old man raped an innocent 8 year old girl. Yes, that was the case. The prosecuting and defense attorneys both did their respective jobs ... one laying out the case for a guilty verdict and the other laying out the case for a non guilty verdict.

The jury began deliberations in the jury room by going around and stating what bothered us about the case and what we found to be strong evidence for a guilty or not guilty stance. No one stated up front "guilty" or "not guilty" and the ensuing conversations were thought provoking and educational as to how, when reasoned persons hear a case, they can set aside their prejudices and their biases and listen in order to come to a good conclusion.

Now, "good" in this case does not necessarily mean good for both parties concerned, the defendant and the victim. It does mean that we, the jurors, did a good job in setting aside our prejudices and biases, and we stuck to the letter of the law in the counts that were set before us.

I have just read a rant from a person on the "other blog" regarding how anyone who is against abortion is well, letting others control her body and how that is just a sin against women and against humanity. The poster is outraged at the very thought that anyone would want to eliminate all abortions. The poster states that there are mainly men in this "organization" that are trying to force their agenda on women and by golly, that just should not be considered!

I would try to go through this very disordered argument with a reasoned reply. However, I know that the poster is not interested in learning how misguided her position is. She is instead, intent on continuing to rant and stand up for a woman's right to kill her baby. 

So, I ask if one thinks that all sexual crimes against children should be abolished or if only some of them should be abolished. I mean, after all, the children do not make up the laws that are there to protect them, most of them have been made by "old men" and "old women."

The "establishment" has laws in place to protect the innocent against predators...but this poor man! He was being judged by a jury and perhaps he is having their agenda forced upon him...

No, the last two paragraphs don't make any sense at all, do they readers? I would prayerfully ask you to pray for the poster on the other site that is so disordered in her thinking that the best we can do for a woman and her innocent child is to tell her that it is her "right" to kill that innocent baby.


Macile Hooper LeJeune said...

So if laws are made up by 'old men and old women' and the poster thinks the laws are ALL wrong; what would she say ... about a drunken driver (male or female) runs a red light and kills a pregnant lady ... and her unborn child. That same law includes some one shooting or sticking a knife into a pregnant lady and kills her ... and her unborn child; and both of those incidents are charged with double homocides ... (I think) in most states in our USA. My mother did not believe me and my sister; when my godfather ... and her second husband ... tried (but we were too educated by our mother to allow it to go on) ... and as I said last week in a stjames note ... my own husband still ... after 55 years ... does not believe me. My aunt (one of Mama's sisters) and all of my godfather's children do believe me; and to me ... my husband has such a warped view of 'men and their rights' that I have finally worked through that. A couple of years ago ... with the help of Lee Anne and the others on stjames ... I have come to putting all that in the very distant past ... and living my life as I know that our Sweet Jesus would have it. Yes, my cousin in Redmond WA ... the oldest of those 5 children ... and I ... still pray for her dad each day; he is now 94 years old and still 'making out with his lady' who is about 60.
May GOD have mercy on all of us ... sinners, as we are; but especially ... pedifiles.
Cajun Sissy

Anonymous said...

So happy they actually let you sit on that jury! I think the public defender must not have asked you enough questions beforehand ;-)