Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What KIND of a person half way delivers a baby

and then sticks an instrument in the baby's head to collapse its head and delivers a dead baby?

George Tiller is one such man. This man performs late term is cruel, immoral and against natural law. 

Many women have died at this man's hands. Too many babies have died - too many fathers have been denied the right of fathering their children...and too many men and women have been injured.

George Tiller is fighting for the "right" to be able to continue murdering defenseless little babies and injuring, sometimes to death, women. His practice is despicable.

There is one judge, thank you Lord, who is not going to put up with any supression of evidence in the case against George Tiller - read this to find out more.

We need to pray for George Tiller's soul - for his heart - that he would turn from his wicked ways and come to Christ, for in the end, all of us will meet God and George Tiller is no exception.

I pray that George will repent and when he does die, he will be able to meet God with a cleaned up heart. 

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Leslie K. said...

Life is so precious. How someone could do this, for a living...what personal pain he must be in to have sunk so low.