Monday, January 26, 2009

Pregnant? Adoption?

As a pro-life woman, I am concerned about both mother, father and child ... not just the baby. A young woman who I have had the pleasure of meeting gave her daughter up for adoption a year ago. This was not an easy decision for her to make - nor for the father of the baby to make, but make it they did. She has had a very rocky year - and she will always miss having her child with her, but she has done something more than give her daughter life, she also gave her daughter a good stable home and with that, she has upped her daughter's chances of success in life.

This is a national center for women who are currently in an unplanned pregnancy situation. 

CALL 1-888-510-BABY or click on the picture on the left, if you gave birth or are about to and can't care for your baby, to give your baby to a worker at a nearby hospital (some states also include police stations or fire stations), NO QUESTIONS ASKED. YOU WON'T GET IN ANY TROUBLE or even have to tell your name; Safehaven people will help the baby be adopted and cared for.

I pray that if you know of someone who is trying to decide what to do when their unplanned pregnancy culminates in a birth, please let them them know about Safehaven.

TOGETHER as a nation, we can build, not destroy.

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Christine Trollinger said...

Safehaven sounds like a wonderful org.

I will pray for the young woman and the father of that child too.

My grandmother (my Mom's birth mother) gave her up at 2 weeks. I always pray for her as I know it must have been a very hard decision.

May God bless the young woman for her love and courage.