Saturday, January 24, 2009

The African Nation of Cameroon

has written this: "the risks associated with abortion, including death, intestinal aspiration, hemorrhaging, infection, sterility, ectopic pregnancy, future miscarriage, perforation of the uterus and distress."

I often write, abortion is the deliberate dismembering of a human being, limb by limb and that is truth - the other truth is written by the tiny nation of Cameroon about the risks associated with abortion.

Now, these risks are ones that those who wish to further the culture of death do not want you to know about. 

The other day at the pro-abortion rally, the theme was me, me, me, me,me...and yet the me,  the woman who encounters these risks in abortions do not speak out about how it hurt, how it killed their baby or how it made them infertile or how they hemmoraged. Abortion is never safe - not for the baby, not for the mother. 

I heard not one mention of the risks of abortion - instead I heard how there had been fire bombings at abortion mills and how abortionists had been the way, first prize  to anyone who can tell me the last time an abortion mill was fire bombed or an abortionist the right wing anti-choice (that would be ME!) is determined to kill them all and take the women into illegal and unsafe abortions.

Unfortuntately, the pro abortionists refuse to let their victims know how abortion is so injurious physically to a woman...and of course, to her own baby.

Read more about the brave nation of Cameroon here

Way to go, Cameroon!!! Pray for an end to abortion -  

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