Friday, December 12, 2008

Icky Ecke

" Paul Ecke III, in an interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune made specific mention of his family’s support of the abortion provider, telling the newspaper: “Our mother’s support and perseverance for causes deemed lost or unpopular were a regular part of our growing up… Those causes were for political campaigns, 4-H club, school bonds, Planned Parenthood and others" read more here.

Okay friends, I know many of you have already bought your Christmas poinsettias. However, IF your poinsettias were grown at the Ecke Ranch, please understand that their thinking and indeed their financial backing of Planned Deathhood is not good for unborn babies and women. If you wish to return them to the store, it would be a good opportunity to educate the purchasing agent that you will not be part and parcel to the betterment of Planned Deathhood and the culture of death.

IF you have not already purchased your Christmas poinsettias, please check the label and boycott the Ecke Ranch.

God Bless You all -

oh and ... unpopular or lost causes? 4-H club and Planned Deathhood? Just not getting it!!!

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