Monday, December 01, 2008

Death Threats on Father Pavone

I am very privileged to work for Priests for Life through Silent No More Awareness. At left is Father Frank Pavone, head of Priests for Life.

Father Pavone has been threatened with death. Yes, that is right - from those who deny that abortion kills a human being. They wish to silence Father Pavone so that they do not have to check their opinions about women's rights.

Father Pavone is a giant among men. He would be horrified to hear himself spoken in such a way, but that is what makes him a giant. He is humble - you would never know it was FATHER in the room, as when he enters a room, he is looking for the person he can assist, he can help. He is gentle, he is kind, he is compassionate and it is my honor to know him.

For those who wish to harm this wonderful man, please know that I do not wish for him to be harmed. I wish for you, who would do violence, to reconsider why you are so angry. I wish you would be able to sit and talk with Father Pavone.

I have a feeling you would end up totally enthralled with this wonderful man of God. This priest who works tirelessly for the unborn. This priest who has set aside his life for the Will of God in his life.

God Bless Father Frank Pavone and may God continue to assist him in his ministry to the unborn.


Leslie K. said...

OH COME ON!!! Doesn't this just fry your bacon - people who scream about freedom threatening someone with death for exercising his...grrrrr...ok, part of this is because I am not smoking but REALLY this is just not even funny.

Leslie K. said...

BTW - you are being promoted on The Hive....

Christine Trollinger said...

Yep! If they can't shut you up they want to kill you. Such nice people.

btw...sorry I missed you when you were in Tacoma. I called to wish you Happy Thanksgiving. LOL! Nice to talk to Mel though.

Merry Christmas early in case I miss you again.