Friday, November 28, 2008

A prayer for Unwavering Faith

A Prayer For Unwavering Faith

Be watchful, stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong (1 Corinthians 16:13)

May your faith be strong; may it not hesitate, not waver, before the doubts, the uncertainties which philosophical systems or fashionable movements would like to suggest to you. May it not descend to compromise with certain concepts, which would like to present Christianity as a mere ideology of historical character, and therefore to be placed at the same level as so many others, now outdated.

May your faith be joyful, because it is based on awareness of possessing a divine gift. When you pray and dialogue with God and when you converse with men, [may you] manifest the joy of this enviable possession.

from The Prayers of Pope John Paul II p.97

Recently, I have been writing on the site. I went to school at AISK in Kabul, Afghanistan and was graduated from there in 1969. I browsed through the site a week ago and much to my surprise, there was chatter about how the "pro-life" people were just so ignorant and dumb and stupid.

Never being one to back down from being called ignorant, or stupid or dumb, I wrote my ninety four cents worth.

Well - it got better! I was then called a fanatic and a cartoon caricature of a pro-life person even if I did not see myself that way, that author did.

I reckon they called me names in the hopes that I would stop writing and go away.

They don't know me too well, although they did run me out of there several years ago - why? Because they were rude, insulting and nasty. I don't like being any of those and it was causing me occasion to sin. Of course, since sin in not permitted in their sphere, I could not write about it.

The discussion is about a woman's right to kill her child by abortion. Even when photos of aborted babies are shown, there is still a call for the right of a woman!

It is extremely difficult to discuss abortion with people who 1) believe it to be a right 2) refuse to accept that it is the taking of human life 3) who just don't get that men and women who have had abortion experiences hurt!

So - this prayer, that came in to me today, is a God-send for I am weary - I am tired of being out there. I am tired of having my own sister, the aunt to my own aborted Matthew Dean, tell me that women have the right to kill their child.

Pray for my sister, Maggi, please. I understand that she is caught up in the culture of death. I understand that she is trying to be a good, compassionate woman to other women, and in doing so, fails to realize that she is helping to injure them further.

Please pray that Maggi will have a Road to Damascus experience, not because of me, but because God has already called her His Own.

Oh and another "tee-hee, way to go GOD!" moment - I got the quote from Edmund Burke, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” in my email today, too.

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Leslie K. said...

Hang in there. My babies, Matthew, Mark, Luke, Paul and Laura Rose, all thank you for the work you do. I am weary too. Hang in there, Sis!