Thursday, November 13, 2008

You Tube

So - if you are on on-line video entertainment provider and you get thousands, maybe millions of hits a day, why would you want anything on your site that is 1) factual 2) could help save children's lives?

Well - our culture does not want to hear the word "ABORTION", it does not want to think about it, it does not want to acknowledge that an abortion takes the life of a human being and injures the baby's parents.

So, if you are YOU TUBE, (click the title of the blog for article) anytime anyone posts anything about abortion, you remove the clip. Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life has a good clip showing abortion. It was placed on Wikipedia - the editors took it off - now You Tube has removed an interview with an abortion provider - an interview in which the abortion provider acknowledges that, yes, when a baby is born alive (and they are) during a botched abortion, they leave the baby to die - stating that it was against their policy as to what can be posted.

A discussion the other day regarding how a fetus looks and how a fetus is a tiny, tiny baby that we cannot see was ridiculed by a pro-abortion person. She said that a fetus looks nothing like the models that we have. She said that her daughters had looked like little pigs (her daughters were in the room), that her daughters had tails and were fishy looking - that SHE saw the ultrasounds and that the models are just wrong. So - I went onto the computer, looked up fetal models and dang! She was wrong.

But - this is the message her children are hearing - a fetus is ugly, a fetus looks like a pig, a fetus can be dismissed. In other words, she is setting her precious daughters up to believe that abortion is simply the removal of an ugly little pig and not the death of a human being. Sad...

An exchange the other night - "Let's not get political" when I made a statement "The Susan G. Komen breast cancer group gives money to Planned Parenthood, who is the largest provider of abortions in the United States."

Okay - what is political about one non-profit giving to another non-profit organization? What is political about stating where our tax dollars go? Why is our government giving Planned 'death'hood millions of dollars in funding?

Ah - but if we say the word "political" it shuts people up. We don't want to be seen as being overbearing and nasty - we are not permitted to speak the truth, because people do not want to hear the truth.

Our society has become so polarized over the abortion issue that those who are pro-abortion have decided that they wish to continue in their denial and their right to kill a human being.

Lord help us, help us be able to overcome the obstacles that people put in our paths when we speak the truth about abortion. Help us to break down the barriers of their mistaken ideas about abortions. Help us speak the truth in love without damaging relationships.

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