Thursday, November 20, 2008

No, say it ain't so...

Forced abortions are nothing new in China. Read about it here.

What amazes me is that we purchase items made from slave labor in China, we close our eyes to their deplorable abuse of power, their forced abortions and sterilizations.

We barely think beyond our borders in this global economy. We forget that there are different ways of forcing a woman to abort her baby - here in America, we coerce and force women, but we seldom bring the police with us. For that I am grateful.

I can see a day, though, when we will have similar situations here in America, with the "haves" telling the "have nots" whether they can have children and how many children they can have.

Don't laugh, don't tell me I am crazy - it happened in China and it happens with our money.

Wait until Obama signs FOCA into law...

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Leslie K. said...

you are not afraid.