Monday, November 24, 2008

My time...

I often thought in the beginning of my blogging that I would blog every day, and indeed, sometimes I blogged more than once a day - but I have a confession to make. I don't blog as much as I thought I would, because I am too busy reading wonderful blogs like Some Have Hats, Abbas Child, Upside Down, With a Grain of Salt (whose author is way too busy to blog!), Quiet Consecration...and all of the links listed on my side bar.

I would love to grab the kids in the family and my husband and go out to a movie - or, pop the popcorn and sit back and watch a great line up on television one night a week. Alas, the shows that are produced for television and theater have about a 2 % approval rating from me as something I would care to watch, and so our family has very little of this type of activity.

Now, Karen over at Some Have Hats, has challenged me (oh, okay, I admit) and a few others, to check this out and to write and make a difference.

I am never one to shirk from a good challenge and so I encourage all of my gentle readers to get on board with saving our families from the evils of Hollywood. And, guess what? Karen WORKS in Hollywood!!!

So - now, go dear readers, click on Karen's blog and start praying and writing!

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Leslie K. said...

Guess what? two people from the Hive who hate me (normally) are now following my they may end up prepared...I love ya!