Thursday, June 19, 2008

Planned Deathhood and Fred Finn...nine days now

Yesterday I went to Riddel Road in East Bremerton to stand in front of the abortion mill that is known as Planned "Parent"hood.

Over the course of an hour, three women in sweats and with their boyfriends went into the facility. Since Wednesdays are the days that abortions are performed at this site, we were praying for the lives of the babies and their families.

A car slowed down and the passenger yelled out "Why don't you let God decide if it is murder or not?"

Well, God has decided! I told the young man that we were simply praying for those babies whose lives were being terminated this day. The car then sped off...only to return about half an hour going the opposite direction, honking their horn and showing off their fingers...

The second woman that went into the abortion mill was difficult for me to process - her boyfriend reassured her with a hug around her shoulders and a kiss and then he escorted her into the facility to have their child removed from her. He then came back out to the car - I was holding my sign "I Regret My Abortion" and I faced him - albeit from the right away on the road, for we do not trespass. He looked at the sign, spit and went back into the mill.

I began to cry - I pleaded with God to have this man bring the woman and child back out of the mill - to PROTECT his child. I do not believe that happened. The other women praying with me were also crying.

Do those who enter the killing fields do so with full knowledge? Do they know that they are killing their child? For several seconds, we could not continue praying we just cried...and then, we began praying again, knowing that prayer is God's weapon. We stood, praying for the mom, the dad and the baby who was soon to be slaughtered by the 'compassionate' workers at Planned "Parent"hood.

The saddest part - the women who went in for abortions yesterday - they arrived in BMW's and Lexus vehicles. I am sure that part of them thought they could not afford a baby -

As Blessed Theresa of Kolkota said "It is poverty to kill a child so that you may live as you wish."

Fred Finn - it is now nine days and counting - you, you and others who wish to be law makers who condone abortion are wrong - three, at least, three babies were killed between nine a.m. and eleven a.m. yesterday in the bordering county.

Where are you Fred Finn? All I am asking from you is some time to talk with you about the most important issue in the United States of America - and that is the one of legalized slaughter of the most defenseless among us...50,000,000 and counting.


Laura said...

praying with you Dear One -

Angela M. said...

I call it Planned BARRENhood.

Keep up the good fight! I join my prayers to yours!

Macile Hooper LeJeune said...

Praying also; ma cherie, how courageous you are. Taking their pain and offering it up for these wee ones; children of GOD who will never know their earthly life that HE chose for them. Je t'aime. DIEU TE BENISSE!!! Cajun Sissy