Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Different Pathways

So, yesterday, I was sitting down after having washed windows, my china tea cups and saucers, and for those who have been in my home, you know I have plenty of them and they get a good washing every couple of months...

The phone rang and a woman said "Hi, is this Lee Anne? I am
Heather - you may not remember me..."

"Oh Heather, YES! I do remember you - you live in ..."

I had the opportunity to have seen Heather a couple of months ago at a Rachel's Vineyard leadership training conference in Portland. I had had the good providence to have first made her aquaintance a year ago March. Heather is a lovely woman who helps in the post abortive ministry of Rachel's Vineyard.

"Well" Heather continued, "I just want to let you know that today at the noon Mass, I made a profession of faith and returned home to Holy Mother Church."

Oh Lord - Oh Lord...how to describe my feelings surrounding this? Even now as I type, words are just not effective of the total joy and love that I have when I hear that a person has returned home to the fullness of faith.

"WELCOME HOME!!! Oh Heather, welcome home, my dear sister!"

You see - when I had re-met Heather in Portland, she told me that she was leaning towards the Catholic Church again (she had converted when she was nineteen and then left), and I told her I would pray for her. Pray I did ... but truth be known, it was not my prayers that brought Heather home - it was God's gentle tugging on her heart, God loving her through the years, never wavering in His Love for her - never leaving her side, but waiting patiently as she walked the path of life.

Welcome home, Heather -


Angela M. said...

Made my day reading that!

Esther said...

Yes, welcome home, Heather! (And we're sure Lee Anne's prayers helped quite a bit. :)

Macile Hooper LeJeune said...

Ohe, PRAISE THE LORD; AND tears filled my eyes and heart at her statement even before I went to your next paragraph. How awesome is this lost sheep; found again ... and rejoicing will continue for all our brethern who 'come home to Rome'.