Saturday, June 14, 2008

The office manager of Fred Finn...

This morning, Fran from the office of Fred Finn called me. I enjoyed a very pleasant conversation with her. She wanted me to know a couple of things and I will post them here.

1) Fred Finn is very busy doorbelling - he goes to about 100 homes a day. (that is a lot of walking and talking and hand shaking...wonder how many homes have that many less children residing in them due to abortion)

2) The office manager is a retired RN and she has seen the aftermath of abortion, although she herself (praise God, my words) has never been involved in an abortion surgery.

3) The issue of abortion is very close to Fred Finn - although she did not elaborate on this.

4) She repeated Bill (the disgraced former Democrat president of the United States, and known adulterer) Clinton's words "abortion should be safe, legal and rare." I commented that abortion is NEVER safe for the baby, for abortion ALWAYS kills at least one person. Nor is it ever moral - even the Muslims know that.

5) Fran told me that she could not give me her personal opinion to which I replied, I know what your personal feelings are on this issue. You are pro-abortion and along with many in society, you wish the pro-life people would just keep their opinions to themselves.

6) She asked me if I was against birth control...I told her that my point in calling was not whether a woman was taking birth control (although I told her that the ingesting of hormones that are harmful to a woman was rather, in my opinion, not very pro-woman). I told her that I was calling to talk to Fred (the doorbeller) about abortion - the taking of human life.

7) Fran told me that those who disagreed with my stance (read her and many others like her and the Democrat party) were really NOT pro-abortion. They did not like abortion.
To which I replied - "That sounds like slavery - you don't own slaves, it is the law of the land, we won't worry our heads about this EVEN though people are being sold and traded and 'owned'. People should be allowed to do what they want to do, no matter how damaging it is to others."

Bottom line folks...abortion kills a living human being each and every time - and it injures its mother and father and extended family.

Oh how we can believe what we want to believe and justify that it is just fine and dandy as Sue wants to go down the street, on our tax dollar, and kill her baby...

America WAKE UP! We are killing ourselves off.

Sorry for the rant - it is now DAY 3 and Mr. Finn is hiding behind a woman's skirt...


Angela M. said...

Keep fighting the good fight! Who knows what sort of seed you may have planted!

Laura said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!! I am soooo proud of you!