Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thank you Lord

For a safe journey for Jesse and Randy -

I spoke with Jesse around four yesterday afternoon. He had been awake for about a half an hour.

He told me that he dropped Randy off and then got home around eight thirty a.m.

Their return driving trip started around seven a.m. and around four a.m. the following morning, Jesse decided that he needed to pull over and sleep. Of course, when I called him at one a.m., I knew that his CRANKY self was in dire need of rest, but he is 20 and 20 year olds do not listen to their wonderful mothers...

SO! Jesse and Randy pulled over around four a.m. and slept. Jess had a hard time getting to sleep and just as he dropped off, two spotlights and a knock on his car window brought him back to full conscienceness.

He berated the police officer for waking him up...yes, Jesse does stuff like that. The police officer wanted to know if he and his buddy were alright and Randy moaned and barked out "LEAVE ME ALONE!"...

I am glad that the officer checked on them - not happy that my son is surly at anytime, but glad that he had the sense to pull over and sleep.

From the timing, I reckon they slept for about two hours and then hit the road again.

J tells me that he is planning on returning to Colorado in October for a wedding. I asked him if he considered flying and this time his answer was a resounding "YES!"

Oh youth - and the growing up and realizing that sometimes moms do have some wisdom...

Thank you Lord for watching over our sons - thank you for bringing them home safely.

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Christine said...

Glad they made it home OK!