Saturday, May 24, 2008

Iron Man revisited...

So, you know how when your children go to school and have buddies and those buddies are all snotty nosed kids because they are doing their jobs...i.e. being kids? Well, those little 'brats' grow up and some of them do amazing things...

The following is a story about Dustin - a young man who was one of Jesse's school buddies. His mother wrote it and I asked her permission (and received it) to copy and paste Dustin's story in here. The photo of Dustin fitting the shoe onto the little child...that photo touches my heart in a way that is profound - Dustin being Christ to this child - and to think, I knew him when...
Thank you, Dustin, and all of your buddies, for serving our country. You make us proud to be Americans!

Here is Jackie's perspective - - - Happy Memorial Day everyone...

We just wrapped a great visit with our son Dustin who was home on leave from Iraq. He shared some pics with us and a few I wanted to pass on to you.

Few of us here REALLY get to see what goes on in Iraq. We are shown from the perspectives of those who desire to purport their agenda. I must confess that I am also doing the same thing but perhaps from a perspective that too few are willing to share.

The two children are Iraqi's future either they will become our friends or they will become our enemies. Take a close look at them, they are only children, but children grow up. They are influenced by what they experience and see for themselves.

Look at the soldier, who just happens to be Dustin. Can you see what he has in his hands? It is not military issue equipment yet his mission that day was to deliver clothes, shoes and toys to the children and teens at a village they visited. Items donated and shipped by a retired officer and his wife.

One pic after another we have of Dustin trying to match shoes to kids. It was not his orders to do so, he wanted to make sure that the things brought to the village would get to the ones that could use them best. "It is crummy wearing shoes that are too small."

Being for or against us going into Iraq is now a moot point. It has begun to be more a battle for the mind. How we treat the people (especially the children and teens) will determine how quickly we may get to withdraw and how long if ever it will be before we'll have to send our grandchildren there to fight the children of Iraq today.

No matter what you may hear, there are Good things happening in Iraq and many of our soldiers are showing compassion and concern. They are dispelling the lies that many of the children have been told about Americans. Our soldier's acts of kindness can be a powerful weapon against hate and propaganda. The battle for the mind of these children is the most important battlefield in my opinion. I am proud of our troops and their mission in Iraq is very crucial to the future of two nations.

At this time of Memorial, please consider the real meaning of Memorial Day. It is not "Happy Memorial Day". That's an oxymoron it is a day of observation for all who have laid their lives down for the oppressed here and abroad.

If at a barbecue, join in a simple prayer for the families of our fallen heroes. If at the mall cashing in on the sales, be thankful for the plentiful selections you have to choose from and acknowledge it was the price of freedom that delivered it to you. As I hope many of you will get to sleep in on Monday, please remember our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan who are exhausted putting in long hours of duty. Who can't turn off the alarm and roll over and go back to sleep. Well they can but you can guess that it wouldn't be a good idea. ha ha!

Thanks for letting me share the photos and my perspective!!!

Jackie Kabel


Christine said...

Thank you Dustin...and all our military men and woman. You are awesome!

Angela M. said...

Thank you, Dustin. My son is also a soldier but in the Canadian army. He is not in Afghanistan - yet.

I will pray for Dustin.