Friday, April 18, 2008

pure hatred...pure love

As you know, gentle readers, I go to the abortion mill, the killing grounds of America in Bremerton, Washington, U.S.A., on Thursday afternoons. This is the day that Planned Deathhood of Bremerton kills the most innocent among us and injures their mothers and fathers for a lifetime.

I hold my "I Regret My Abortion" sign and I, along with others, pray for the souls of those being aborted, for the parents of the baby, for those who work in the abortion industry, and for ourselves, that we may be made ever aware of God's love for all people, no matter what their circumstances are.

Yesterday a man and woman drove by. She was on the other side of the car, but I could see her gesturing with her thumb pointing downwards. I am sorry, M'am, if you do not like what my sign says, but guess what? It is MY regret and it is MY story.

A little while later, the same car drove by us again, this time with the woman on our side, and the woman was up against the window, vigorously giving us the 'go to hell' sign with her hand. I am sorry, but I laughed out loud. Here, this woman, who looked to be about mid-50's or so had to come back around, show us her displeasure and if she could have jumped out of the car, I am sure she would have.

Alas, most people who flip us off or tell us to go to hell are cowards.

I would love to hear what they have to say. Listen to them. I have no agenda in being out in front of the abortion mill - EXCEPT for, please God that one less woman will decide to abort her baby. One more man will decide to be a GOOD father and protect his child. And, that those who have been injured by abortion will be healed through Christ Jesus who loves us so.

Another mid-60's or so couple drove by and BOTH of them, normally, dignified and perhaps wonderful community members, even attenders of a church, gave us the go to hell sign. Oh their faces were angry...pure hatred.

It is so very difficult to look at the sin of abortion if one has been involved in it. To think that you actually were involved with the demise of your own flesh and blood is searing. It is scary to think about - and so many avoid it and in that avoidance, lash out, defend their right to have had their child slaughtered in ways that are truly barbaric and unthinkable.

The saddest part is that our society does not look upon those who have had abortions with compassion, giving them time to grieve and helping them to come out on the other side of this tragedy. Rachel's Vineyard does just that, and that is why I love RV and why I work with it.

May we all come to know Christ's healing touch and love - for ourselves, our neighbors and the strangers we have not yet met.


Macile Hooper LeJeune said...

I often wonder ... it is sooooo logical and true ... ABORTION KILLS; and how can anyone deny that. I had a talk with HL; because of something he was watching on TV; and he cleared up his stand ... or maybe it was that all along ... and he just had not finished his sentence. He said 'when a child is raped and gets pg, she should not have to go through 9 miserable months of carrying a baby ... and then the torture of labor and birth'. I cannot even condone that. Merci, ma cherie; for your suffering (then and now), your sharing, and your continuing on ... trying to stop this horrible happening. I pray for all of you daily.
DIEU TE BENISSE!!!! Cajun Sissy

chimakuni said...

What has the human being, conceived in rape done to deserve death without a jury and judge?

No, when one is conceived in rape, as painful and as horrible as that IS, one deserves the right to life.

We are not made by some random thought...we are made by God in His Image and His Likeness...God creates us, not we ourselves. If HL wants to argue with God about suffering, and about self sacrificing, then he can, but one cannot just discount a child because of being conceived in rape.

There have been studies done and women who abort after an abortion suffer tremendously. Just because the conception of the child was disordered does not mean that a the child is not half of the woman.She is still the baby's mother and the baby still has half of her DNA and ALL of God's gifts.

I would love to dialogue with HL on this...

chimakuni said...

In fact...a close friend of mine aborted a baby that was conceived in rape and she has had a very difficult time knowing that it was the death of her child, even though at the time, she thought it was the best thing...

Papillon said...

Hi Lee Ann! I attended a RV retreat in November. I saw your memorial note on the after abortion page.. I just requested one myself and logged on to see it and noticed yours! Just wanted to say hello!

chimakuni said...

How good to hear from you, Papillion! Thanks for stopping by. Come and vist often.