Monday, February 11, 2008

I was wrong!

So, Saturday evening I wrote that it does not get much better than going to Mass and receiving Christ in the Most Holy Eucharist with my family beside me.

Well - I was wrong...

It got even better today when I went to Mass, then a Mission Talk (thank you Fathers of Mercy, Kentucky) and THEN the sacrament of reconcilation!!!

I am so very blessed to have been able to gone and have my sins absolved.

THEN, I find out that today is the Feast Day of Our Lady of Lourdes and I can receive a plenary indulgence for my attendance at Mass, Confession, prayers and detachment from sin!


The boys, Mel and I went to the abortion facility today on Riddell Avenue in Bremerton, Washington. Yes, this is where children are slaughtered and people drive by without so much as a nod to the holocaust that is occuring.

We had several people honk and give us the thumbs up sign. Gabriel and Jordon counted five or six people give us their middle finger sign...and then, one person in a old hippie VW Van drove by.

He had a microphone inside the van and he spoke through it and his voice came out loud and clear...


Huh? What were we lying about? Our signs said "Women deserve Better than Abortion" - it is a trademark sign of (surprise!) Feminists for Life.

I guess that this man did not think women deserved anything but to be used by him and others like him and if they were to get pregnant that they were to be told we were liars.

At least that was my take on his very macho action.

I told Gabriel and Jordon that their argument is not with us - it is with God, who loves them so.

Let us pray...

Father, All Merciful and Loving,
We pray for those who were angry at us today
We pray for those who have been told they are of no worth
We pray for those who have been wounded by abortion
We pray for the three women, one man and the little boy who went into the facility today
We pray for the workers in the facility

We pray for your protection for all of them
We pray that you, in your Wonderous Ways
Will open their hearts to you, O Lord.

We thank you for your abundant love and attention
to every detail of our lives.
We thank you for Your generous gift of LIFE!


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