Thursday, February 21, 2008

honking ...

This morning at the abortion facility on Riddell Road in Bremerton, the 40 Days for Life prayer warriors held their vigil. This day was different - in at least two ways - first of all, it is a beautiful spring day and secondly, women came out of the abortion facility carrying signs.

Their signs had black hearts on them and the signs read "Honk if you love Planned 'Parenthood""*

They sign holders encouraged honking and honking there was.

Alas, they do not know this, but the home across the street has a nurse who works nights, living in it. Her sleep is interrupted by all the honking - and her husband has spoken to the 40 Days for Life participants in the past and requested that we (who are not doing any honking, simply holding a prayer vigil), try to hold down the honking so his wife can sleep and therefore be able to do her job. As participants in the 40 Days for Life, we have been sensitive to this.

Now, the Planned 'Parenthood' people are encouraging honking.

What will this do to the person across the street whose sleep is interrupted even more? How will she feel knowing that it is the black hearts that are encouraging the honking?

When we were at the abortion facility the other day, a young woman honked her horn and then flipped up her middle finger at us - - my husband, two teen age sons and myself. I doubt that any of those honking today will use their middle fingers as well.

We who condemn what the abortion facility does - the killing of the unborn; pray for those who are caught up in this evil.

Pray for a change of heart for all of those who work at, support, or even think that Planned 'Parenthood' is a good thing.

*I have a difficult time writing parenthood after the planned, as truly, those who work in this facility do not promote parenting, they do not have parenting classes, the only births they attend are those of dead babies - I prefer to write Planned Deathhood, for that is closer to the truth.


Christine said...

Blackhearts indeed. May Our Lord forgive them.

Macile Hooper LeJeune said...

AMEN!!! I pray for their souls; and especially ... that they change their black hearts ... to soft and pink ... loving GOD ... and their neighbors. NO ... helping women use their 'choice' is not ... what GOD had in mind ... when he said 'love your neighbor' ... and deep down, they probably know that ... if they have had any spiritual background in their lives. DIEU TE BENISSE!!!
Cajun Sissy