Friday, February 22, 2008

Creating a scar

Abortion is incidious...when we accept what we have done through our actions of abortion, we often times look for peace - - but fail to find it. We drink too much, have outbursts of rage, make poor decisions, have suicidal thoughts, become careless with our personal behavior in general for it is too hard to stop and truly look at what we have done.

The act of abortion - the terminating of the life of a human being that has been entrusted to a woman is not very long at all - indeed it is outpatient surgery. It may be a matter of three hours from check in to check out - or even less.

The incidious part is LIVING with having had an abortion - the scar that it leaves on a woman's psyche.

How does one live with the fact that they indeed made a decision or had a decision made for them to terminate the life of their own child. THAT IS THE HARD PART.

Going on after an abortion is similar to riding a tricycle that only has two wheels and one of those is flat.

It makes no sense - where is the baby? Where is the life that was entrusted to you? What happened to the baby? When is the baby's due date? How old would the baby be today ... alas, if its young life had not been terminated?

Today, I will be going to a beautiful retreat house. Today I will meet five women who have had abortions, some of them multiple. Today, I, along with three other team members of Rachel's Vineyard will offer them God's mercy and hope.

Today, I ask God to give me total concentration on these women whose lives have been scarred. Today I beg God to give me His Compassion and His Humility as I meet these women.

Today I ask God to help us, over the course of the weekend and through His Grace, to begin to heal the scar that the abortion created in the first place.

Today is the beginning of some mighty healing in the lives of these women.

Today I ask all of you gentle readers to pray for those whose lives have been impacted by abortion. Pray for us that we may help these women...and never, please never stop, for their healing, like mine, goes on for an eternity.

I also praise God for the opportunity that He has set before me to work in His Vineyard.

Christ be with you - --


Christine said...

My prayers are always with you sis.

Macile Hooper LeJeune said...

So are mine, ma cherie. Such a worthy cause you have ... working with those women. May GOD bless you and yours, in every oppurtunity that you chose to speak up for HIS unborn.
DIEU TE BENISSE!!! Cajun Sissy