Thursday, May 30, 2013

It has been over a year since my last entry . . . there has been much to write and nothing at all to write. I read blogs that are witty, thought provoking and smart. I am in awe of their mastery of language.

Above is a photo of our priest, Father Derek Lappe. He is a good, holy man. To his right is Father Shanen Boquet and Father Peter West, also good, holy men, of Human Life International.

Father Lappe has unleashed the fury of those who are liberal (read closed minded and lazy in their logic) and the homosexual lobby. He has disbanded the Boy Scout Troop that used to meet at our parish.

You can read about what he wrote in this letter. I admire and applaud Father Lappe's stance.

Our Church is a CHURCH, for crying out loud. The Church is not a social club. Our Church has an obligation to teach what God has given to us. God has given us free choice and some of the choices man makes ... and has for hundreds of years ... have not been the best. Aha! That is why we need a Savior (but I digress).

I encourage you to pray for Father Lappe and all the religious who buck the secular world and at times, also their brother priests.

I thank Father Lappe for his courage and his willingness to follow God's call and not man's. God Bless Father Lappe.

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