Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We often think that abortion

is between a woman and her doctor - at least that is what we have been told. But, what about the third person? The baby that the woman is carrying in her womb?

Here is Gianna Jessen, that "third person."

Listen to her while she talks about her experience of a saline abortion.

God's peace be with you all


Anonymous said...

Here is an extraordinary thought from an ordinary mind: "why do you take antibiotics to kill the bacterias that make you sick? don't they deserve to be alive? if NO then WHO are you to decide that!?

Now stop whining and pay attention: an unwanted child is a pain both physical and psychological for a woman. Oh! and is not a baby.

chimakuni said...

Dear Anonymous - thank you for your thoughts. I don't know the last time I took an antibiotic and quite frankly, never thought about killing bacteria being equated with killing a human being.

I am paying attention to what you have written - I do know that an unwanted child can be very painful to a woman who is not ready to be a mom. I understand that. That is one of the reasons I am a great proponent of adoption - and yes, I do have three children who came to our family that way - two of whom were slated for abortion.

Why do you write that "and is not a baby?" What is your point? If it is not a baby then it does not become a child...wanted or not.

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this is not a smart thing to do!!

Anonymous said...

Matar crianças é crime. Killing children is a crime. abort is a crime.

cescillegb said...

Why is it that these days people just have sex like its just as simple as that and when they end up with a blown tummy they will kill an innocent life.. :'(

jlkl said...
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