Thursday, July 15, 2010

Like I said ... living in the northwest

can be wonderful! Today, just two short weeks before a trial, this good news came down - an about face by the state of Washington!

This is an enormous about-face for the State, which has for several years maintained that it had to restrict the religious freedoms of pharmacies and pharmacists in order to ensure patient access to the morning after pill. In its filing today, however, the State concedes that allowing pharmacists with conscientious objections to refer patients to other pharmacies "is a time-honored pharmacy practice" that is "often in the best interest of patients, pharmacies, and pharmacists" and "do[es] not pose a threat to timely access to lawfully prescribed medications." Based on the State's representations, the Plaintiffs have agreed to allow the trial to be postponed while the Washington State Board of Pharmacy undertakes its rule-making process. Washington State is capitulating less than a month after The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty helped Plaintiffs defeat Washington's motion for summary judgment.

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