Saturday, June 19, 2010

Parish Camp Out

We are at the second annual parish camp out...more like rain out...but that is not stopping anyone from enjoying all there is to enjoy - dodge ball, soccer, baseball, swimming, eating, hanging out, crafts, eating, taking naps, catching up with people we have not seen since the last camp out, biking, oh and did I mention eating?

It is wonderful to see all the families with their children - a lot of babies have been born since the last summer camp out. The teenagers hang out in clusters ... renewing friendships and making new friends.

I have seen our sons a couple of times - generally at meal times, in the dining room -

The best part of the camp is that we are all a family of believers - a family that worships together, prays together and connects to one another through the grace of Jesus Christ. Mass at seven thirty this morning was full - thank you Lord for the gift of YOU!

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Leslie K. said...

I am so sorry about what has happened on The Hive. I hope you can forgive me.