Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My favorite day...

Wednesday! I get to go to Adoration .... what a blessing ...

On some Wednesdays, I go and stand outside the largest abortion provider in the United States and pray for the mothers, fathers and babies who enter into the building. I pray for their hearts, for their lives, for them to realize that aborting their babies is not the solution - indeed it is only the beginning to many more problems.

Adoration - to be able to sit at the feet of Our Lord, present Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, reposed in the Tabernacle at Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish - what a very great be able to sit, be still and know God in such an intimate way is beyond words.

Today I pray in a special way for Ryan, who is graduating from Army boot camp, and for his family. Thank you Ryan, for serving our country. I pray for all those who are in service to our country and for their families.

Today I pray for all the mothers who feel they have no choice - that God will reveal to them that the choice is always available and it is HIM who loves us so!

God bless us all

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Leslie K. said...

And he thanks his cyber auntie for all her prayers!!! Love you!