Monday, March 01, 2010

'who or what is hurting those in need of abortions"

The title was from a recent ASK search that led the questioner to this blog.

I would like to address the question. First of all - "who is hurting those in need of abortion."

Would the answer be those pesky people outside of the abortion mill praying that a woman would understand that when she goes into have an abortion, her life will never, ever be the same? Is the "who" those who pray, off site, for women to come to understand that the life that she carries within her womb is sacred and her baby? Is the "who" those who understand that an abortion, once performed actually kills an innocent human being and that life can never be replicated?

I don't know "who" hurts a woman in need of an abortion...but I can tell you "what" hurts women who are in need of an abortion.

1) our nation hurts women who feel they need an abortion. The law tells them that is legal to kill their unborn baby...but the law does not quite put it in those words. It says that a woman has a right to terminate her pregnancy. Those words sound nice and tidy ... it does not have any morality linked to it.

2) our nation hurts women by telling them that since abortion is legal, you can get an abortion for any could be oh, say, mad at your boyfriend, you could get an abortion because you are starting to feel fat, you could get an abortion because you don't want people to know that you are being sexually active, you could get an abortion because you have a trip planned this summer and you cannot possibly be pregnant. Oh yes - these stories are not too far off the mark, dear reader.

3) if it is legal, then of course, it is "safe" ... well, no - any medical procedure has its risks - the biggest risk in an abortion is the life of the baby - an abortion is always deadly to a baby - the secondary risk is to the life of the mother. There have been many botched abortions resulting in maternal death.

4) the lies that we tell in our society are just that "lies" and that is the "what" that hurts those in "need of abortions."

There is NEVER, EVER, NEVER a need for an abortion. A woman's body is really amazing in that. If a baby dies while in her womb, most times a woman's body will begin to expel the dead baby. If the mother's body does not expel the dead baby, then certainly, medical intervention can and should be used. The baby, at this point is dead and it is NOT considered an abortion - induced or spontaneous at this point.

If a baby has fetal abnormalities - that baby is nonetheless, still a living human being, with all the rights of any other child. Unfortunately, our nation does not like the "untidy" or the "suffering" or the "messiness" of those who do not look like themselves and so we tell the mothers and fathers - kill your baby while you still can.

What kind of doctors, who are supposed to help to fix broken bodies, tell women to kill their own flesh and blood?

No - there is no one (who) hurting those in need of abortion. There is a lot of what in theory promoting abortions.

Bottom line - every abortion kills at least one innocent human being, it always injures the mother and the father and the extended family. Trust me, I know.

Who needs an abortion? No one ... please join me in prayer for those considering aborting their child and for those who have aborted their child. Thank you -

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