Saturday, March 13, 2010

Forty years ago, I was

pregnant, scared and trying to ignore the fact that there was a life growing within me. I had regular ob/gyn appointments and he told me that I should be getting more calcium so that the baby's bones would be strong and my calcium would not be depleted.

I told this to a college buddy of mine and then next thing I knew, he came to our house (which I shared with three other women) with a case of milk, stolen off of a milk truck. The small milk cartons were the kind that are served in cafeterias. Not thinking of the morally reprehensible actions of this theft, my roommates and I were grateful and drank the milk.

I continued to go to classes and did not know what to do regarding my pregnancy - so pretty much ignored that I was with child.

Today, forty years later, I wish I had known that I could have reached out to a local church ... I don't think there were crisis pregnancy centers back then ... or to an adoption agency. I do remember just not feeling well and wishing that the pregnancy would somehow just go away - but alas, it did not...

Here is a clip about what might have been - unwanted: A Story about Choice

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Leslie K. said...

25 years ago I was drunk, drug addicted and the victim of a rape...and I wish I had known that there was more than just 'get an abortion' when it came to a are my sister and I love you.