Saturday, March 06, 2010

and more ...

and so exactly what did we do? We ripped out the old kitchen, moved the door going into the dining room, put in a pocket door, sold our kitchen table, refaced our dishwasher, moved that over to the wall and got a trim kit for our micro/convection oven and everything else we put in was new.

What I love most about the new kitchen - granite counter top - tops!

Roll out garbage drawer with two, not one but two, bins for garbage. Right next to the sink - to the right ... the drawer with the stripped towel on it. For now we use one for recycling and the other for garbage. I am amazed that we used one bin, one third of the size of one current bin for the last twenty years.

Roll out drawers in place of lower cabinets - all of my baking supplies in one place, no more bending over, pulling out and not being able to get back up again!

My new wall is a beaut!...complete with ball bearings in the racks so the racks come out nice and smoothly - it is a joy to bake again!

The new stove top - five burners...

Over all - a good kitchen to work in...a lot more counter space because we moved the sink over and yes, I almost forgot - a double sink! That after years after one, shallow single sink.

Hope you enjoyed the photos - as always cinnamon rolls and coffee are ready when ever you come!


Christine Trollinger said...

Awesome! looks wonderful.

Leslie K. said...

this is the most beautiful kitchen I have ever seen! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful kitchen. How . Do . you . find . time . for . all . the . good . you . do .

You amaze me! Hey, is that a fruit/bannana stand on your cabinets? Where did you get that.
Susan G

chimakuni said...

We had two young wonderful men working with us - Dan M. did the lighting and Joe B. did the cabinet placing, the wall moving, door moving, shimmy-ing (our house is nearly one hundred years old) and both of them put up with Mel and me!

I only had one meltdown and it was a baby one at that - so pretty good, everything considered!

The basket is from Sur La Table - Mel's eldest son and his only daughter, sent us a gift certificate (along with their spouses) for a shopping spree there and we enjoyed using it for our new kitchen!

God bless -

chimakuni said...

Dan M. also did some tracking down of dead rats up in the crawl space over the family room, where he installed other lights, poor man! He also hardwired the oven and put that into place for us as well. We could not have possibly gotten the project done without Joe and Dan and they were a pleasure to have in our home.

I miss not having them here!