Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Forty five million voices or forty five million who cannot speak?

Recently I became aware of a website that wants women to write in about how their abortions were good. I have written to the website owners and pray that they will understand that for each woman writing in about how good her abortion was, there is a child whose voice will never be laughter, no tears, no joyful expressions...

If you are a woman who has had an abortion or a man who has had his child terminated by an abortion, please feel free to write to Kate and Jennifer. Please be respectful and mindful that perhaps Kate and Jennifer are also hurting from having had an abortion. Let us help them ...

Below is my letter to others in the post abortion healing ministries as well as my letter to Kate and Jennifer


Dear Friends - recently I became aware of a new website called "45 Million Voices". This website promotes abortions and wants stories of those who have had abortions. Well, as you may know, I hate to leave a good challenge alone, so I decided to write about my abortion story (pasted below) and I was wondering if you could publicize the website to those who may also wish to write to Jennifer and Kate, owners of the website, with their abortion stories, so that Jennifer and Kate can hear the other voices - those who have been shut down. It is of note that they say they will not publish anyone's name who does not want their name published ... so much for taking away the shame.

Blessings - Lee Anne...who is also asking for prayers for Jennifer and Kate, that they would know healing and God's love.

My email to them follows: their email addresses are and


"Dear Kate and Jennifer - first off, let me say that I think it is a good thing that you are trying to bring abortion out into the open. It has been shrouded in too much shame and secrecy for too many years, even since the Roe v Wade decision in 1973.

I remember a time when abortion was unthinkable - so unthinkable that I had not even heard the word. That was in 1970 and I was pregnant for the second time and I was seventeen years old. When my mother and father heard that I was pregnant, their solution for me was to have me abort my second conceived child.

I was grateful for their decision for many, many years. Then, one day I realized that my abortion did not help me - indeed, it injured me in many ways. One of the ways was the fact that my child, who had done nothing wrong, except be conceived out of wedlock, had been killed.

I realized that I was a mother - but not a mother to a living child; a mother to a dead baby.

It was a bleak time for me when I tried to make sense of why my child had been killed. I could not understand the pain I felt when I thought about an innocent baby, nestled under my heart and in my womb...a baby that had done no wrong, that baby that I had always wanted as a little girl, growing up and dreaming of becoming a mother...that baby was dead.

I had suicidal thoughts, a lot of alcohol and drug abuse, promiscuity and self abuse in the men that I chose to have in my life.

This, Kate and Jennifer is my abortion story - it is true - and it happened nearly 40 years child would have been 40 this September. But, instead, I have no child, no one on this earth that looks like me and it makes me sad.

I hope that you publish this in the fairness of being truthful about all abortion stories. Not every one who has an abortion thinks it is a good thing and I am one of those women.

I offer you two no politics .. no religious ideology - just the fact that my baby is dead by abortion...a biological fact of my life.

Thank you - Lee Anne ... and you may publish my name for I have no shame about having had an abortion that I regret."

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Jennifer said...

Thank you! You are speaking truth and I pray that many will hear the message and turn away from their sin and into the waiting, loving arms of our heavenly Father.