Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What was that?

I thought that the pro-choice people were all about women empowering themselves, making good life decisions and choices. I really thought that they wanted women to do what was best for themselves. But, here, in this story about an advertisement which will be aired on the Super Bowl, it seems that pro-choice means only one choice ... and that is NO ONE is ever permitted to say that not having an abortion equates a life time of life. Nope - not permitted.

Well, you know what? Men and women who have been involved in abortions are no longer content to sit on the side lines and be silent. No, women know better - especially women who have had abortions. Men know better - the fathers of the babies that have been aborted. The lie of abortion is that it is good for women and that it empowers women. It does no such thing.

Abortion, plain and simple, kills a human being. I am all for Tim Tebow and his mom to be able to speak the plain truth - and that truth is that Mrs. Tebow, against the advice of her doctors, decided not to kill her baby. Way to go!!!

Of course, the pro-'choice' folks are saying that the advertisement is wrong and should not be aired ... that 'it throws women under the bus' ... but do they ever stop to think about the little baby girl's arms and legs that they rip off her torso?

One would not be led to think so...

LIFE - what a beautiful choice! Thank you Mrs. Tebow!

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Serena Gaefke said...

Hi chimakuni
I couldn't find your contact email so I thought this might be an okay place to write to you.

I'm trying to get the word out about a great new pro-life resource that I've made up for everyone. It's free, it's online, it's a book (should I call that - an encyclopedia!) and it's called "101 Reasons Not to Have An Abortion: A Girl's Guide to Informed Choices." It took me four years to write but I've decided the best way to get this out is not to charge but to give it away. If you like it, please make use of it and/or pass it on. Thanks!

PS. The online book is available at the above website. No registration or login needed. :)